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Complete Pregnancy Guide

This is a guide for all prego mamas wanting to keep up their workout and fitness goals during pregnancy. I have also added on a week to week Pregnancy Workout Program to follow and workout with me during pregnancy each week on my app.  It also contains my Pregnancy Ab Challenge (core sage program to do for abs during pregnancy) as well as my FULL postpartum core recovery guide. Programs listed below:

  • First Trimester Pregnancy Guide
  • Second and Third Trimester Pregnancy Guide
  • Pregnancy Ab Challenge
  • Pregnancy Workout Program (week by week)
  • Postpartum Core Recover Program

It also helps you understand the importance of 360 Breathing and keeping your inner core strong to prevent diastasis recti (separation of your abs)
Sample workout schedules to follow, 
sample workout layout to follow each day, as well as 100’s of different exercises to choose from for legs, back, biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, core, and HIIT/cardio workouts to do.

Even though pregnancy and postpartum can be challenging, this guide will help give you motivation to keep working out even if it’s just for a little bit per day, we got this strong mamas!!

What People Are Saying:

I signed up for the postpartum and girl I’m crying, I’m only halfway through your c-section video! You are getting it all right. It’s been the hardest, darkest, and most amazing time of my life. I also did not want a c-section and cried so much going into it, Now I’m terrified of what my body will look like after having the c-section. Anyway, thanks for making such an uplifting video to start it off. You're amazing at what you do and you’re always so supportive, Just wanted to tell you that! Thank you and looking forward to the program!

ShayFIT Member

This has really helped me to be motivated to workout. I’m 11 months PP and though I’ve lot the baby weight, I don’t have a lot of muscle tone. I love that I feel stronger and more capable now. I felt like the workouts were helpful in targeting all my core muscles.


Even at 10 weeks PP it was still uncomfortable sitting up out of bed, lifting heavier things, etc. I was only halfway through this course when that discomfort completely disappeared. It was just GONE!. One month later, I feel strong again. I can do a full sit up again. I can’t wait to see what progress I’ll keep making. Thank you!!

Kinley D.